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Our latest and greatest E-File is guaranteed to please you! 
  •  Quiet, high torque micromotor
  •  Variable speed to 30,000rpm
  •  Offers both hand or foot control only options.
  •  Completely variable speed foot control. Perfect for beginners or first time "footers"!  Adjust the hand dial to set the maximum speed of your foot control to your comfort.
  •  Lightweight, no vibration, precision hand piece. Straight "tangle free" cord.
  •  Quick release chuck
  •  Fits standard 3/32" bits
  •  Forward/ reverse
  •  1 year Limited Warranty for manufacture defects (after 6 months with proof of servicing).
  • Includes 10 Dust protectors - a must for warranty to be valid.
  • Outside of North America available by special order only.
*If you are using your e-file full-time, we require you have it cleaned and serviced every 6 months in order to qualify for warranty. For repairs and servicing, and warranty work contact Jason at 1-250-792-3346 or email jube.jube@shaw.ca
If you are not local, most dental equipment repair centres are able to service them.
** We recommend if you are reliant on your e-file, that you have a second "back up" unit.
***To avoid risk of fire, please always unplug your electrical units when not in use.